Town of Robeline

Twenty minutes from Natchitoches on Highway 6 West, the little town of Robeline
is nestled among the hills once known as "No Mans Land."  Home of the Los
Adaes Indians in the early 1700's, the site where Robeline now stands was
neutral territory between the Sabine River and the fort at Natchitoches.  Along the
stagecoach route and the main west route, the surrounding hills soon became a
haven for bandits who fleeced travelers and then disappeared into the wild
countryside.  A trade station was set up whereby the traveler could buy or trade
anything from Mexican serapes to boots, jewelry, pots, pans, or fur coats.  The
Spanish eventually claimed this area and it served as the capital of Texas for fifty
years.  Robeline became a thriving town with many merchants, banks, as many as
seven saloons, cotton gins and mills.  Business boomed and people prospered.  
It is believed that Robeline began its decline with the removal of the railroad.  With
the decrease in timber, cotton and sawmills, there was a natural decrease in
employment.  People moved away to look for jobs elsewhere to support their

Today, poultry farming & logging are the prevalent employers in Robeline.  Many
citizens also drive to surrounding towns and Parishes to find work.   The scenic
beauty of the rolling hills attracts the retired population.  Tourists often flock to
Robeline to take scenic photos of the beautiful countryside.  Fishing is abundant
on Toledo Bend, Sibley Lake, Red River, Cane River, and Black Lake (all of which
are in close proximity to Robeline).  Deeply wooded areas provide a recreational
haven for avid hunters.  

Robeline Heritage Festival

The annual Robeline Heritage Festival, which began in 1991, celebrates the
village's history and culture of generations past.  It is a time of reminiscing,
remembering all the good times, and renewing old friendships.  Friday night is
always dedicated to young people, with a wiener roast, games, hayride, and
musical program.  Saturday starts at 10:00 a.m. with an all day musical stage
program.  A variety of music is played to suit just about anyone.  Music, crafts, food,
a parade, a reunion, prizes, fun, good times and lots of great company.  Click on
the Highlights link to the left to learn more!
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